Youth Transition Services

Preparing for life after school.
Underwritten by the New Jersey Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Resources for Independent Living (RIL) offer a Self-Advocacy Program to any interested schools in Burlington County. It is designed to prepare students and young adults with disabilities aged 14-21 for their transition from the school setting to adult life.

Through activities and discussions focused on self-awareness, self-advocacy, knowledge of disabilities, leadership development, employment skills, goal setting, and future planning, RIL’s transition specialist can assist in developing students that are more cognizant of their responsibilities in their transition process.

This free service is available to groups of students or individuals in your school.

A Youth Transition Specialist comes to the school to run these activities during a class period or in about 45-60 minute sessions. The program can function on an ongoing basis or in a delineated six week module.